Late last year, around holiday season, I started to notice friends and family posting away on social media about their upcoming plans to travel or adventures they were off on. It genuinely made me happy for them and excited to see where their travels would lead them. In my own life there wasn’t a whole lot going on. My husband works a lot as do I, so we often forget and don’t take the time to vacation and travel unless it is tied to work. It started to make me long for dragged on days at a beach somewhere, or hop in the car and cruise to some unknown destination like everyone else seemed to be doing. Well, I let that feeling go and got back to my day to day when I got a message from a friend letting me know that her and her husband were having trouble in their marriage. She was devastated. Her whole life crashing before her eyes. It took me by surprise because online it seemed like her life was perfect. I took her out for coffee and we talked about her life in the past year. How many arguments they had been having and how she didn’t think they could move past all this negativity. It made me hurt for my friend. It also made me think about how much social media has changed our perspective on life and how we often show one part of ourselves online while the real version of us is hidden in the 4 walls of our bedroom. I do it all the time. I tell myself things like “I don’t want to burden my friends with my problems” “They can’t see my dirty laundry, lets post a photo of my son instead” and a whole plethora of reasons I tell myself to hide certain aspects of myself. Self preservation, for lack of words. It inspired me to do a personal project that, with the help of my best friend Lily, I titled #nofilter.

The whole purpose of it was to show what could be happening behind the scenes when someone posts something online. To consider that next time you talk to a friend or comment on some random photo that life may not be 100% what they are showing. Let’s be kinder, gentler with each other. Social media has made it, in some instances, easier to be cruel and judgmental and basically create hate over someone’s well being. The whole concept of “the grass is always greener on the other side” and what not. I know I have been guilty of it… more than I care to admit.

The story of the following photos will take you through what we normally see online (an exaggerated version at times) of happiness and being carefree, to putting down the camera and stripping down all the layers and taking away any filters we put up online, to finally what is actually happening behind the phone or computer screen.


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Mayra (model for this series) sent over a few thoughts after our shoot that I wanted to share:

“Welcome to the inner depths of my being. These images were taken 7 months into my husband’s deployment, six months after my dad’s freak accident, three days after my grandmothers passing, and just a few short hours before I found out one of my dearest friends is having emergency surgery the next day because well… cancer creeped up on him.

Every single emotion you see here is real. Just like you, I have cried myself to sleep. Just like you, I’ve had my heart broken, and just like you I love to laugh. The biggest truth is that just like you, I keep the most raw and most disturbing emotions tucked away in a far away land far from my perfectly orchestrated universe.

Have you ever felt an ounce of shame because you got emotional over a car commercial? Or perhaps there was a scene in a movie that caught you off guard and it slowly built that knot in your throat… yeah, it’s embarrassing. Who wants to see us cry? Why the heck are we getting emotional over something that’s not even real. Imagine that feeling times a thousand and five. Being completely bare sharing my deepest, most overwhelmingly raw emotions. It was like scraping layers off my skin until I was ultimately, utterly, emotionally naked. It was all too real.

I got up, washed my face threw on some red lipstick and boxed all those emotions and locked them up where they’re safe. Deep in my soul.”


Here is to us being real and shedding all of our filters!

Big thanks to JD Renes and Mayra Fiori for all of their help on this extremely personal project.


A Breathtaking Proposal at The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason and Vanessa for almost a decade and to say that they are an incredible couple is an understatement. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. They are truly meant to be. When Jason contacted me to see if I was available March 8th to capture their proposal, I jumped, screamed, and cried tears of joy! Unsuspecting Vanessa had no clue what was in store for her.

On a perfect California afternoon my team and I set up shop along with the talented Yes Girls, Crystal Schachter (Studio C Florals)  and Archive Rentals to create the perfect proposal. The setting was stunning. The Botanical Gardens at The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort at sunset served as our stunning backdrop.







Once all the details were set, we were ready to take our positions as we awaited the arrival of Jason and Vanessa.  I have never felt more nervous and ridden with anticipation as I did that afternoon. We finally got word that they were on their way and we hid even more. The moment I heard Vanessa’s gasp, I peeked from where I was hiding to see Jason’s warm smile.
**Big thanks to my second shooter, Kim, for helping me capture these awesome moments!**












They saw me!










Congratulations Jason & Vanessa! No two people are more deserving. I can’t wait for your gorgeous wedding!

Meet the Team!

I have been truly honored to have some incredible photographers assist me in weddings and events. This year we are booking more weddings where they will be the main photographer, so this blog post is to properly introduce you to them!


View More: http://momentsalign.pass.us/shootandmeet

Kim is one of my second shooters and associate photographers.

What is your favorite part of shooting a wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding day is all the unscripted, natural moments that happen in between all the hustle and bustle of day.  If I can be there for all the moments in-between the moments, that’s my favorite…capturing the sweetness of a stolen kiss, the romance of soft whisper, the tears from an adoring parent….my day would be complete!

What are some of your accomplishments as a photographer?

Since I started capturing weddings 2008, one of my biggest accomplishments is being published in Eugene Weddings Magazine 3 times.  Aside from that, I would say that every time I have a happy client, I’ve accomplished all that I want and aim for.

Let’s get a little personal, what are you doing when you aren’t photographing beautiful weddings?

My favorite pastime is to spend it with my husband and children, traveling to different places and making some wonderful memories.  My kids are growing up so fast and it won’t be long before they’re not going to want to hang out with mom and dad anymore.  So until that time comes, we are going to exploit it as much as possible!

And now MEET JD! JD has been photographing with me for over a year and has been such an awesome addition to this team!


JD is also one of my second shooters and new associate photographer for the 2015 season! He is also known in our team as the light master… would you believe he took the photo of himself (shown above)?

Why do you enjoy photographing weddings?

Weddings are some of the biggest celebrations in people’s lives. Being an integral part of capturing the emotions of the day & making sure it runs seamlessly is always an honor! (Pretty bridesmaids don’t hurt either lol)

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I’ve been shooting weddings full-time for 2 years.

What are some of your hobbies?

When I’m not soaking up everything related to photography, I like to spend my time acquiring new skills, which include playing multiple musical instruments, cooking, & simple mechanical engineering. I also enjoy generally being a nerd & long walks on the beach.

2015 has already started off so fantastic and we can’t wait to photograph some really fantastic weddings this year!

Goal for this year… have someone take a photo of us 3 together haha.


751A9641 photo copy

Congratulations, you are engaged! Now what?


Did the New Year bring about a shiny new ring? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Being engaged is one of the many exciting times in a couples life and beginning of their life long journey together. After the question is popped though, what do you do? The string of texts and emails and facebook messages will begin with everyone joining in with the excitement and they will all be asking for details.

  • When are you two tying the knot?
  • Where is it happening?
  • What is the theme of your wedding?
  • Have you found the dress?

It may all sound and feel a bit daunting, but do not stress! At the end of the day, your wedding is about you two and celebrating your union with people you love. Make your wedding what YOU want it to be! Don’t feel pressured to do every Pintrest pin that gets sent to you, but rather create a day that is special for the both of you.

Once you have secured your wedding date and venue, your next step should naturally be who will capture these images for you? Will you also hire a videographer? I always tell my couples that once the food is eaten, once the flowers have died, your dress is neatly stored, all you are left with are these memories and who you choose to capture them is important. Interview photographers whose work you love and meet them in person if possible. View their galleries to see how they capture the entire day. Do you like how they take photos indoors as they do outdoors? Do you want a wedding album? Do they offer that in their packages or is it an added expense? All of these are things to consider. Also, have an engagement session if at all possible. You will get to know your photographer and see how they work with the two of you. And by the time your wedding comes around, you’ll be more comfortable with them instead of it being something new and awkward.

Photos are something that we pass along to future generations and its timeless. If you or a family member or even your best friend got get engaged over the holidays I would love to speak to you and see if I would be a good match for your special day! Visit my website for more information: http://www.tanoriphoto.com.


Year In Review, Best of 2014!

To say that 2014 was a good year is such an understatement. 2014 brought about so many amazing moments for me as a photographer. I got to capture memories for the absolute BEST couples, got the opportunity to photograph an ad for General Electric/CareCredit, my team also got to photograph an event with Mitt Romney and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, and so much more.

I wanted to share some highlights of the year… I hope you enjoy!!

jimjamie2 copy









This actually was the image used for the cover of Franchisee Magazine featuring an article on the Del Taco Franchisee in Southern California!


One of the images from the GE/CareCredit shoot. Such an incredible experience!

2014 was truly an amazing year! I can’t wait for 2015 and all it has to bring! 🙂

What Do I Wear?

With the holidays just a few short months away, I wanted to answer the question that I get most during this time of year for family sessions. “What should we wear?”

While there is no real correct answer, I feel there are some real basic guidelines that can help when getting your photo taken.

First, lets go through the No-No’s of wardrobe for photography:

1. Avoid anything with a big logo. I’m talking about those shirts that look like they are walking advertisement in the middle of your chest. Not only is it distracting, but its not flattering. We want to see you, not the brand you’re wearing.

2. Don’t dress exactly alike. While this was a huge trend in the 80/90s, that has since changed. Your friends and family want to see your individuality really shine through in your photos, so ditch the uniform and wear something that showcases who you are individually and as a family!

3. See through tops/pants. Maybe you weren’t aware that it was see through at home, but once you went outside it was pretty evident that everything can be seen. We want to avoid any embarrassing moments when you send out those holiday cards.

Now for what you should wear:

1. Match the theme of your home. By that I mean, if you have colors at home like mustard yellow, grey and white… why not wear something that complements your home? If you plan on ordering prints, and will be showcased at home you want something that’s cohesive with the look.

2. Look like a family. This is one that clients get a bit stuck on. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to matching as a family, but not being “matchy matchy” when having your portraits taken. Find a base for your inspiration and go from there. In my own family, I use whatever I want my son to wear and base what we will wear around that. 🙂

3. Comfortable shoes! I have clients that want to shoot at the beach or on a trail, etc… dress for the occasion. While heels look fierce and awesome, they might not be the best pick for a hiking trail or sinking sand.

Here are some examples of some color inspiration!

what-to-wear-for-a-photo-session what-to-wear-for-photography-clients-emerald-green

Most importantly, have fun! I know coordinating for a photo session can get a bit daunting and stressful, but really have fun with it! Let those incredible personalities really shine through!

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Love Story Engagement Session for Julia and Curtis

A couple of months ago I had the absolute honor and pleasure of meeting Curtis and Julia. Upon meeting them, I knew I wanted nothing more than to capture their special day. For their engagement session, they wanted me to capture them in places that meant most to them in their journey as a couple. Parts of Southern California that meant most to them. So on a gorgeous Saturday morning we set off to Pasadena and Downtown LA for an incredibly fun photo shoot.


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