Meet the Team!

I have been truly honored to have some incredible photographers assist me in weddings and events. This year we are booking more weddings where they will be the main photographer, so this blog post is to properly introduce you to them!


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Kim is one of my second shooters and associate photographers.

What is your favorite part of shooting a wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding day is all the unscripted, natural moments that happen in between all the hustle and bustle of day.  If I can be there for all the moments in-between the moments, that’s my favorite…capturing the sweetness of a stolen kiss, the romance of soft whisper, the tears from an adoring parent….my day would be complete!

What are some of your accomplishments as a photographer?

Since I started capturing weddings 2008, one of my biggest accomplishments is being published in Eugene Weddings Magazine 3 times.  Aside from that, I would say that every time I have a happy client, I’ve accomplished all that I want and aim for.

Let’s get a little personal, what are you doing when you aren’t photographing beautiful weddings?

My favorite pastime is to spend it with my husband and children, traveling to different places and making some wonderful memories.  My kids are growing up so fast and it won’t be long before they’re not going to want to hang out with mom and dad anymore.  So until that time comes, we are going to exploit it as much as possible!

And now MEET JD! JD has been photographing with me for over a year and has been such an awesome addition to this team!


JD is also one of my second shooters and new associate photographer for the 2015 season! He is also known in our team as the light master… would you believe he took the photo of himself (shown above)?

Why do you enjoy photographing weddings?

Weddings are some of the biggest celebrations in people’s lives. Being an integral part of capturing the emotions of the day & making sure it runs seamlessly is always an honor! (Pretty bridesmaids don’t hurt either lol)

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I’ve been shooting weddings full-time for 2 years.

What are some of your hobbies?

When I’m not soaking up everything related to photography, I like to spend my time acquiring new skills, which include playing multiple musical instruments, cooking, & simple mechanical engineering. I also enjoy generally being a nerd & long walks on the beach.

2015 has already started off so fantastic and we can’t wait to photograph some really fantastic weddings this year!

Goal for this year… have someone take a photo of us 3 together haha.


751A9641 photo copy


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