Congratulations, you are engaged! Now what?


Did the New Year bring about a shiny new ring? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Being engaged is one of the many exciting times in a couples life and beginning of their life long journey together. After the question is popped though, what do you do? The string of texts and emails and facebook messages will begin with everyone joining in with the excitement and they will all be asking for details.

  • When are you two tying the knot?
  • Where is it happening?
  • What is the theme of your wedding?
  • Have you found the dress?

It may all sound and feel a bit daunting, but do not stress! At the end of the day, your wedding is about you two and celebrating your union with people you love. Make your wedding what YOU want it to be! Don’t feel pressured to do every Pintrest pin that gets sent to you, but rather create a day that is special for the both of you.

Once you have secured your wedding date and venue, your next step should naturally be who will capture these images for you? Will you also hire a videographer? I always tell my couples that once the food is eaten, once the flowers have died, your dress is neatly stored, all you are left with are these memories and who you choose to capture them is important. Interview photographers whose work you love and meet them in person if possible. View their galleries to see how they capture the entire day. Do you like how they take photos indoors as they do outdoors? Do you want a wedding album? Do they offer that in their packages or is it an added expense? All of these are things to consider. Also, have an engagement session if at all possible. You will get to know your photographer and see how they work with the two of you. And by the time your wedding comes around, you’ll be more comfortable with them instead of it being something new and awkward.

Photos are something that we pass along to future generations and its timeless. If you or a family member or even your best friend got get engaged over the holidays I would love to speak to you and see if I would be a good match for your special day! Visit my website for more information:



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