Gorgeous DIY First Birthday Party

I had the absolutely pleasure of photographing a first birthday for cutie pie Jackson recently in the lovely city of Marina del Rey. The weather was perfect and the venue was truly spectacular! This creative DIY birthday was festooned with vibrant colors all to the theme of Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? They took the texture and beautiful images from the book and made them come to life in order to celebrate this special occasion.

JacksonBFirstBirthday_01 JacksonBFirstBirthday_02 JacksonBFirstBirthday_03   JacksonBFirstBirthday_07 JacksonBFirstBirthday_08  JacksonBFirstBirthday_13  JacksonBFirstBirthday_16 JacksonBFirstBirthday_17 JacksonBFirstBirthday_18 JacksonBFirstBirthday_19 JacksonBFirstBirthday_20-1 JacksonBFirstBirthday_20-2 JacksonBFirstBirthday_21-1 JacksonBFirstBirthday_22   JacksonBFirstBirthday_26


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