Love Is Love

It took me a while to blog this, mainly because I know that this is something we all have different views about. Which is completely fine. We weren’t all cut from the same cookie cutter right?

A friend of mine and I were chatting a while ago when she broke down to tell me the story of how her young son Ethan came up to her crying because he was being bullied in school. When she asked why, he simply told her, because I like someone. She soon discovered that her son was attracted to someone of his same sex. Instead of shaming him, or disowning him, she embraced him just for who he is. Their road has not been an easy one, but Ethan is living in a home where both mom and dad love him exactly how he is and support him no matter what. Many who deal with the same dilemma don’t have this luxury and it breaks my heart.

I’m nowhere near perfect, I’m about as imperfect as they come, so who am I to say who you should and shouldn’t love. We are all here on this tiny spinning globe for only so long. Let’s make our time here count!

With the help of my husband, my amazingly talented friend Kristen Raney for makeup and these incredible individuals as “models”, I wanted to show that love can just be that… no matter who you love.

Meet Uli and Ignacio. They have been in love and together for 9 1/2 years (June 20th will be ten years!) Ignacio expressed to me that the best thing about being with Uli is, “How he makes me laugh with his adorable playfulness. It brings me endless Joy.”

LoveIsLove_1LoveIsLove_2“My favorite place in this whole world is lay my head in the space between his neck and his chest. I’m at Peace when I’m there.”

LoveIsLove_3Meet Rhonda & Kristi. They are the epitome of beauty and love! Spending the day with them was seriously amazing as I got to know both of them more and capture their love for one another through my camera.

LoveIsLove_4LoveIsLove_5LoveIsLove_6LoveIsLove_7Love is a force that can’t be controlled. It takes over us and we are often left feeling like we have given our other half to someone else. We share our lives and experiences with this person and they in turn add on to who we already are.

LoveIsLove_08LoveIsLove_09LoveIsLove_10LoveIsLove_11Lets love each other just a little more today.


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