Brian & Ashley

One of my favorite kinds of shoots are weddings. There are some photographers that shy away from these big important events, and I understand why… it’s a lot of work and detail put into each photo and moment, but I absolutely love it. Brian and Ashley’s wedding was no exception. The careful detail they took in each bit of their day was overwhelming and incredibly sincere. As a photographer you have to just capture the moment and seize it, but it was tough not to get emotionally involved and a shed a tear or two (or 10…). It was truly a beautiful wedding… here’s a little sample of the thousands of pictures we took. BTW… first time I had my husband help me on a shoot and he was amazing!

For my photographers out there, I used a Canon 5D with a Zeiss 50mm f/1.4. And the pictures you see, little to no photoshopping. This was my first time really using this lens and it’s truly incredible.


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