11 Years Later

It was 8am and I was preparing my cup of tea to start off the day. I had on my normal business garb that I would wear at that time and sat at my desk reading all the unread emails that were in my inbox. I was young and had a desk job that paid the bills. I was also adjusting from coming back from NYC two days before. That particular morning I had a phone call with a client at 8:30am. What we were talking about I don’t remember, but I will never forget her saying to me, “The World Trade Center has been hit!” My first reaction, disbelief. I mean it had to have been engine failure right? An accident? The rest of that morning is a blur. I don’t think I had cried as much as I did at my desk that day. I was almost 21 and I was still naive to the atrocities of this world.

None of us can or will ever get over the devastation that hit our country on that day. We came together as one and grieved, bonded and united in one feeling. Eleven years later and it’s still so fresh on my mind.

I loved this article on TIME. These photographers got it spot on. CLICK HERE

Photo: Patrick Witty


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