Photographing Princesses

This weekend I was filled with photo shoots of gorgeous little baby girls! It was so much fun. Each and every single one of them was a pure pleasure to photograph.  One especially was a really fun shoot… little Miss B. She and her parents came to our home for a shoot on the beach, but the day was gloomy. Since my studio wasn’t available that day we decided to do an impromptu shoot in my tiny living room. We removed my son’s jumperoo and had this blank white wall. TINY! I put up 2 pillows and drapped over a textured white blanket and a plain baby blanket on the floor. As my husband held a reflector and the father held a small LED, I began to shoot. It was such a tight squeeze, but I think the photos came out pretty good. You can’t even tell that it wasn’t at my studio. You really can shoot anywhere! 🙂

Here is the little nook we used… the computer wire was of course removed! You can see, it’s next to my bookcases and my shoe rack.

Now the result… I used the Canon 5D Mark iii and the Zeiss 50mm.


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