What’s in the Gear?

I often get asked the question, “What camera do you shoot with?” and soon after, “Which camera do you recommend?” I dont mind answering these questions at all. I love that people are getting more and more into photography these days. I also love to see what they capture. What does surprise me though is how much weight is taken into the gear you use. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one to say, “because I have this camera, I take amazing photos.” Even writing that made me laugh a little. It would be like saying, because I have this awesome cookware, I make amazing dishes. Really?! Even if I had fantastic pots and pans, I wouldn’t become Gordon Ramsey overnight. Get what I’m saying?

Now, there are advantages to having the right gear, but having the right gear doesnt mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. I have seen photographs look simply stunning with an iPhone. I have been brought up to think the following… Shoot with what you have, Make it look like a million bucks! Now that’s the tricky part, how to make your photos truly pop no matter what camera you are using. The rules are basic and pretty easy.

1) Shoot for the eyes. Really make sure if you are shooting someone that those eyes pop, really focus on them. If you are shooting a landscape or a certain focal point… make those certain details come to life with proper focus.

2) Find the light. I don’t mean everything has to have studio lighting. No, on the contrary, some of the most gorgeous photos come with the help of mother nature (she’s awesome). Find the golden hour, get that glimpse of light coming through the window… make it a soft box!

3) Rule of Thirds… I will refer to this as the golden rule. I have often broken this rule. It’s really a make or break. If you can follow the rule of thirds, you will be GOLDEN! Those photos, no matter what camera you use, will look simply amazing.

Now grab your camera and get out there and shoot some amazing stuff! The world is filled with them!


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