The 5 Deadly Photography Sins

Ok so the title is a bit intense, but let’s be honest… there are just some things in photography that you shouldn’t do! I know I have made them, but as we learn we grow right? So here they are… in my opinion… the 5 deadly photography sins (in random order):

1. DON’T Rely on Photoshop: I can’t stress this one enough. While you should know Photoshop and Lightroom/Aperture/Magic Bullet, etc.. don’t make this your safety net. I have met some photographers that have told me, “oh it’s ok, I can fix that later” What?! If you didn’t get the shot, and can, do it again! Photoshop will only get you so far. Nothing like having awesome raw material.

2. DON’T Use your flash for everything: Yep, this is a BIG no no in my book. I try to avoid my flash for pretty much every picture unless I really need it. Rather I love using natural light and my light kit if I can. If I must use my flash, I at least point it in a direction that wont wash out my subject or the background.We don’t need to take photos of Casper right?

3. DON’T Rely on your gear: Having a Canon 5D Mark iii is awesome, not gonna lie, but that shouldn’t be the reason why my photos come back amazing… it should just enhance the shot taken. I have always said, you can get a great photograph from any form of camera IF you know what you are doing and have the eye. Learn and study f stops and finding the light, angles, and so forth. That is the money maker, not the camera.

4. DON’T Reveal all your work: It’s exciting to go on a shoot and see all the awesome stuff you got. Trust me, I know! But leave some of that awesomeness for your website, marketing, portfolio. Edit your photos, review them, make any adjustments and then make your selects. People get bored with seeing similar shots, give them a taste of the very best from that shoot. There’s no rush.

5. NEVER Stop learning: This is a biggie for me. I love to learn not just about new gear coming out, but about how to use that gear and what is the best composition for my photographs, what lighting works best under what conditions. I love learning from experienced photographers and picking their brain till I feel like an information zombie. 🙂 It’s vital to your craft to become excellent at what you do. Strive for excellence, always.

So that is it… well the main ones for me any way. What are some of your big no no’s? 🙂

Also…. remember! Time is running out to vote: Circle of Moms Top 25 Photographer Mom’s!


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