Champ The Wonder Beagle – Everywhere, USA

My husband and I are proud owners of a 6 month old beagle named Champ.  He is active, he is funny, he is so incredibly lovable its scary.  Because we see him like our child, he is often the muse of our creative talents (ie: photos and video).

Here are some of my favorites that we have taken in Florida, California, New York and Pennsylvania.

Here is the little guy during Christmas…  he is looking at me like he is a little angel… haha.. I promise you, he isnt always so good.


Another flight, another nap on my feet … (taken from my cell)


Here he is with his “Uncle” Snoop in California… playing Push at 16 weeks with a pup of 16 years… haha


My dad and husband playing some Frisbee with the little man in Florida.


So happy to have a twig in his mouth in Florida…


My favorite pic of our little man in our home in PA.



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